10 exciting digital marketing trends in 2022

In this constantly evolving digital world, digital marketing is in a state of constant evolution. Which means that, for 2019. There are still a few digital marketing trends in which companies should be focusing. But things are starting to change, and by 2022. It could be a whole new ball game.

1. Augmented Reality
2. Video Marketing
3. Content Curation
4. Real-Time Marketing
5. Gamification
6. Live Streaming
7. Mobile Marketing
8. Wearables
9. 360 Marketing
10. Data-Driven

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) combines digital images with a user’s view of the real world. The AR is visible through the lenses of a headset, a pair of glasses, a smartphone, or other viewing device. The AR displays can project text, graphics, animations, videos, or games into the environment.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a way for businesses to tell their brand story in a compelling way. Websites with video tend to rank higher in search engines, and viewers retain 94% of what they watch.

Content Curation

Content curation is the act of collecting, organizing, and presenting online content. It essentially involves cutting through the ocean of online content to find the information that matters to you

Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing, or RT Marketing, is a marketing approach used to interact with customers in real time, via social media channels. RT Marketing is often used to encourage customer engagement and response. Real time marketing is also referred to as (or sometimes confused with) Social Media Marketing.


Gamification is the use of game mechanics to engage and motivate users in online activities and progress. The game mechanics are the features or elements present in computer games, mobile games, apps, and websites.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming has been used for a long time now. However, it has recently become more popular. Streaming is the act of transmitting digital images and sound to people in another location. The images are captured, compressed, and streamed over the Internet.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing encompasses the processes involved in creating. Delivering, and measuring the success of campaigns that leverage mobile devices. Such as smartphones and tablets, to reach consumers.


Wearables are devices that are worn on the body. They track steps, sleep, heart rate, and other health metrics. Wearables can be found for all types of activity, from cycling to running to yoga to golf. The Apple Watch is probably the most well-known wearable.

360 Marketing

360 Marketing, or 360-degree marketing, is a concept where a company tries out a variety of marketing tactics. The marketer seeks to target customers. One way is to put an ad in a popular publication for college students. Another way is to make a Facebook ad and reach out to people who are like the target customers.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing, a new marketing model that uses data to make marketing decisions, is quickly becoming the most popular way to try to reach customers in the digital era. Marketing is trusted by most marketers. And consumers because of its effectiveness, flexibility, and efficient use of resources.


In Augmented reality video marketing content curation real-time marketing. Gamification, live streaming, mobile marketing, wearables, 360 marketing and data-driven marketing are buzzwords to watch out for in the marketing industry. These technologies will play an important role in the future of marketing.

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