5 Amazing Foods to Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is a very essential fat-soluble vitamin that is necessary for the body to maintain serum calcium, which helps in the functioning of bone ossification, neuromuscular functions, and cellular processes. 

This vitamin also plays a vital role when it comes to immune response. It is also very much needed in the prevention of cancer, osteoporosis,  and depression. 

Now, vitamin D is not present in the body on its own and it must be taken from outside sources.  And for that, it is important to eat the right kind of food. According to the best orthopedic surgeon in Karachi, the best options include animal liver, egg yolk, and fish oils. 

Mentioned below are food options that can be great to keep up your vitamin D levels. So, start adding the following foods to your diet to keep your vitamin D levels okay. 


Mushrooms are a delicious source of Vitamin D that also have a lot of B vitamins and potassium. Vitamin D levels differ with each mushroom type of course. The types include morel, shiitake, and portobello. 

Buying mushrooms that are exposed to sunlight is also a great idea. This is because of their exposure to UV rays that give them higher vitamin D levels. If you want to get a little creative do add mushrooms to your diet. Add them to your salad, pasta dishes, and omelets.  

You can also grow them in your house and make use of them as much as you want.


Sardines are one of the best nutrient-dense seafood that contains a lot of protein. They are also rich in minerals, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Sardines are also told to be free from heavy metals and toxins, unlike other fish. So, it is very safe to eat sardines as they are one of the clean ones out of all. 

Sardines are mostly brought fresh or they are also available in can form. They can be a great source of vitamin D and protein. You can eat them grilled, fried, and even roasted. 

If you want something as a snack then make sure you make a 10-minute quick sardine toast.

Egg Yolk

Now, this is another reason why we all should be eating a whole egg. Vitamin D is found in the yolk of an egg. Also, eggs are rich in other essential amino acids and are also a great source of healthy fats and choline. 

The best way is to use free-range or pastured eggs as these are quite rich in vitamin D. It is said that they are 4 to 6 times richer in vitamin D than the other eggs. 

Try a lot of recipes with eggs to make it a part of your everyday diet. But make sure to consult your doctor before you go and change your diet as it can impact your lifestyle pretty badly. 

Make omelets, eat them fried or try to keep them boiled if you are diet conscious. 

Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil is one of the best sources of Vitamin D and is also rich in vitamin A. It has great anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and the taste is hard to tolerate. You can also take it in capsule form. 

Capsules can be very convenient to eat as they take away all the bad taste. Try out cod once and then it will be easier for you to eat it another time. You don’t have to eat it every day, as its use in daily life is not a good idea.


Salmon is a great source of vitamin D and is a very popular fatty fish. It doesn’t matter if the salmon is farmed or wild it can make a huge difference in the quantity of vitamin D content. 

But on average it has been noted that the wild-caught salmon has more vitamin D than the other ones. Now, the amount of vitamin D present in salmon differs when it comes to getting them caught. The time of the year when these salmon are caught can make a huge difference in the amount of vitamin D present in it. 
Now, to get the vitamin D tested there is a vitamin D test is done. The vitamin D test price is quite affordable in Pakistan.



Although, it is very easy for our bodies to get the needed amount of vitamin D through UV light. But it is not enough for the body at all. You need to keep eating foods that are good for your health overall and are high in vitamin D levels. There are some vitamin D supplements also available that can be used by people to make their vitamin D levels enough for a healthy body. Try and add supplements to your diet with the diet that you take. This way, you can make the vitamin D levels fine.

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