5 Ways How Pavement Marking Can Effectively Reduce Road Accidents

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an unprecedented surge in the sale of private vehicles. Be it motorcycles, bikes, cycles, or cars, a major section of the global population has invested in private vehicles over the past couple of years.  High traffic can lead to serious road accidents.

It is time to know how pavement markingcan play a crucial role in minimizing accidents effectively. The common patterns of marking include shapes, stripes, or symbols that will indicate the lane boundaries and guide the turns and crosswalk locations. 

Objective oF Marking

The chief objective of marking the pavements has been to warn pedestrians and motorists of the potential hazards. You may say that the markings work in harmony with the road signs to provide the vehicles and the pedestrians with enough information about the characteristics of the road ahead. 

1.     Speed reduction

If you look into the causes of accidents, you will realize that high speed is one of the most common causes for collision or fatal injuries. With the pavement markingat the right points, it is possible to slow down the vehicles and also send out a word of caution to the pedestrians. 

  • The consequences of an accident are worse when the vehicles are moving at high speed. Whether the same vehicle is moving at a slower speed, the impact of the accident won’t be so severe. 
  • You can press the brakes easily and quickly when you drive your car within the speed limit, and you avoid accidents with the help of the markings that warn in advance about the speed limit that you need to maintain in a certain roadway. 

2.     Smooth traffic flow

It is important to have bright markings on the parking lots and roads as well as ensure smooth traffic flow. For instance, when a customer is driving for the first time into a commercial space, the person can know about the structure of the parking lot from the pavement marking.

Without the marking, the drivers will be confused, and it will slow down the movement of the traffic. If you are keen on maintaining an obstacle-free movement of the vehicles, the markings should be mandatory on your commercial parking lot. It will minimize instances of collisions too.

3.     Improving nighttime visibility

Lack of proper nighttime visibility often becomes the reason for accidents. To prevent dangerous driving conditions, it is better to install reflective pavement markingthat will make it convenient for the drivers and the pedestrians to maintain safety at night.

  • It is an effective solution for foggy winter days too. 
  • Highly beneficial for the drivers who work overnight and drive the heavy goods vehicles. 

4.     Safeguard the pedestrians

Improved visibility is one of the crucial reasons for boosting the safety of pedestrians.

  • Pedestrians know the designated space for walking, which prevents them from straying around. 
  • If the pedestrians use the designated markings to cross the road, the approaching drivers can easily notice them and control their speed accordingly. 
  • The ideal markings will also provide the exact location for the designated loading zones for different vehicles. 

Moreover, the markings can prevent accidents at the exit points, tow-away or no-parking zones, ad at the firetruck zones too. 

5.     Designation of handicapped parking spots

Confusion regarding the right parking lots often leads to minor accidents. But it is possible to overcome such confusion with the installation of the pavement markingto locate the allotted parking space for handicapped people.

  • Commercial spaces nowadays use metal markings to prevent fading of the marks. 
  • Families find it easier to park together instead of sporadically dispersing inside the space. 

6.      Maintaining safety standards

The pavement markinggoes a long way in creating a safety shield to keep both the pedestrians and drivers safe. These can cause a significant reduction in the number of accidents.

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