AIDA Formula for Marketing Beginners

AIDA All “mystery” things stimulate human curiosity. Like a child who wants to explore the world around him! To achieve the goal, it is necessary to direct the attention of others to that curiosity! For Marketing, discount strategies, coupons like. Walmart promo codes 20% off, Wayfair coupon code 20 off any order,… or content all need certain formulas. AIDA is a typical content writing formula born to do just that! Today we will give you an overview of AIDA.

What is AIDA?

You may not know, AIDA is a commonly used formula in Marketing and especially in Advertising.

This magic formula will describe for you the most clearly each stage from problem awareness. Access to information in a Marketing funnel to the final step of the customer’s purchase decision (generating conversions).

Especially this formula will help your brand stand out from the competition. From there, customers will make the final purchase decision from your brand and not from the competition.

The ingredients in the AIDA formula will do their own thing and work together to form a series of steps. That take customers from the awareness stage to the purchase decision-creating conversions.

A – Attention/Awareness: Create Attention/Create Awareness

I – Interest: Make customers interested, feel excited

D – Desire: Create desires and desires for customers

A – Action: Action

What is the AIDA article writing formula?

AIDA is not only a formula for writing content but also a “classic” but a “super effective” Marketing model. When applied properly, its results are extremely positive.

If you are a beginner in the world of Marketing or Copywriting or you are starting from a “blank page” when writing copy, AIDA is the first formula that you need to learn.

AIDA can be used for all types of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing. These types include: articles on the website, Email, Paid advertising, TV ads, and even handwritten letters.

A – Attention/Awareness: Getting attention, awareness

This is the first stage in the AIDA formula and its task will be to create brand awareness or will be what attracts customers.

In order for this stage to do its job well, you need to thoroughly understand and analyze your target customers.

At this stage, the main job is to discover the customer’s values ​​and goals, so that the ideal customer portrait can be drawn.

With what you can learn from the ideal customer persona, you can develop content that focuses on the customer’s problem and desire and incorporate it into your marketing message.

This is the first stage of AIDA so you should be well prepared, all marketing resources need to be in a state of readiness for any interest from customers. You can start this phase with SEO (Organic Traffic), Social Media,…

When you’ve done really well at this stage, potential customers will be curious to learn about your brand or curious to see what you’ll cover in the next stages of your content.

I – Interest: Interesting

A’s job is to attract attention. To continue that curious circuit of potential customers, I must do its job well.

Potential customers – they always need a reason to interact with your advertising or marketing message.

To do this well, you need to elicit a problem the prospect is having in their life. Or you need to properly address their pain.

Storytelling is one of the best methods that can help you reach that customer’s pain. And then, that leads them to find a solution to that problem.

The key to the Interest stage of the AIDA formula is how you introduce the story to the prospect. Your content needs to be personalized so that customers can feel that you are talking to them and not someone else.

D – Desire: Desire

Content in stage D – Desire is where potential customers find, feel that the solution you mentioned will solve their problem.

The features and functions of your product/service will be presented and mentioned in this section. In addition, other related benefits are also an integral part of this phase.

On the other hand, you should also demonstrate to potential customers how those benefits will satisfy their needs.

For industries such as dentistry, beauty salons, cosmetics, and dietary supplements, the technique they often use that you’ve come across is the use of Before – After photos. Or, positive changes in their lives when they have used the product or service.

You will simply understand that in the previous stage you need to help the client touch their pain, at this stage you need to lead them to a feeling of happiness when their problem has been solved.

Customers will feel that your offer makes their lives better. Try to exploit well the 4 human emotional cores: self, money, fame, love.

It will be an offer, an irresistible offer if your content performs well at this stage. Customers will be ready to make their purchasing decisions!

A – Action: Action

If you’ve been successful in the previous stages, the final step in this formula is to convince them to act immediately.

This is where you make your pitch if you decide to apply the AIDA formula in a sales pitch.

In order for this stage to maximize its power, you should create a sense of urgency, a scarcity such as time limit, bonus, and other valuable gifts for those who act fast.

In order to optimize conversions well at the key stage – the last stage of this AIDA formula, you should try to minimize the complexity of customer registration and order. (Regarding customer experience)

That means the CTA (Call To Action) – your call to action should be placed where the customer is most visible and does not have to do too much. And of course, there are many marketing methods we are currently applying for CTA, and the most prominent is Couponning and giving out discounts. Customers always love receiving a gift or incentive when shopping, so many businesses, and brands have taken advantage of this mentality to stimulate customers to close orders easily.


AIDA formula – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action as a concept has been used for decades by leading advertisers and Marketing experts.

Follow in the footsteps of brands like Coca-Cola, Lincoln, and Expression Fiber Arts and craft a brand message that your potential customers ignore.

Once you understand your Customer Insights, AIDA content writing formula, and you begin to develop elements like headlines, copywriting, and calls to action, you’ll soon understand why this formula exists. Because it gives very good results.

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