An Ultimate Guide To Permanent Makeup: What Does It Include

Who does not want to achieve the desired look? What comes to mind first when you think of enhancing your look? Makeup? Right! Mostly all women use at least one type of makeup product in a day, be it lipstick, eyeliner or kajal. Putting a little bit of makeup on your face can change the entire look of the face. But it is not possible every time to carry your makeup kit with you and put on makeup to look perfect. What if we introduce you to permanent makeup? Seems interesting? Cosmetic tattooing or premablend pigment or permanent makeup are all the same thing.

When you hear of the tattoo, what comes to mind first. Chances are you are thinking of a coloured or decorative tattoo. But permanent tattoos or cosmetic tattoos are different. Cosmetic tattooing and permanent tattooing is the modern technology that transforms the complete appearance and gives you a new look. The procedure involves injecting dermal filler into the different parts of the face to improve the appearance. 

To learn everything about permanent makeup, read this post till the end.

Permanent eye makeup close up shot. Cosmetologist applying tattooing of eyes. Makeup eyeliner procedure

About Modern Cosmetic Tattoo

Over the last few years, artists have been using the same tattooing technique to create decorative tattoos that involve names or designs like snakes, broken hearts etc., in the name of permanent tattoos. Now, in the 21st century, the artists have upgraded their techniques and come up with facial tattoos that involve improving each part of the face. The facial tattoo helps to create natural-looking results by inserting dermal fillers into the skin. Usually called permanent makeup, basically, it is semi-permanent makeup that needs to be redone after some time.

How does the makeup last?

The longevity of the cosmetic tattoo varies depending on various factors, including the type of the products used and skin type, but the estimated duration lasts anywhere between one to three years.

Everyone has a different skin type and ink used in permanent tattoos are placed close to the skin surface, so also sloths anytime in a way. As it involves colour, there are many questions that come to mind.

Can colour change over time? Or does it fade unevenly? There are the most burning questions. If you get it from the best studio, you will not need to worry about anything.

The most popular permanent makeup included the following.

  • Microblading
  • Permanent eyeliner
  • Permanent tightening
  • Permanent lip tinting

These are the permanent makeup that can improve your appearance. With this, you might be thinking that it can be removed. The answer is discussed in the following section.

Can permanent makeup be removed?

The answer is short and crisp. Depending on how long you have been, there are options for both, accelerating the fade process and getting rid of the pigment altogether. Check out the different situations in the below section.

Immediate Remove- If you are unhappy with the results, remember that the pigment takes time to settle in. you ask your technician to remove it immediately.

Care- Tattoo, even permanent ones, that is brand new will fade away if you do not follow the proper aftercare protocol. Swimming in the salt water, sweating during exercise and sun heat can start fading the colour of the pigment.

Chemical Products- Topical cream and solutions are claiming to fade the tattoo. The products that are used in their permanent tattoo do not last too long, which means they are less effective and can be damaged at worst.

Seek professional help – Professionals know how to draw out the permanent pigment. They have tools and other products like a saline solution to remove the pigment. However, this process can take multiple sessions.

Who is not a good candidate for permanent makeup?

This is the most concerning question. Permanent makeup is not for all because of different skin types and conditions. Those who are allergic to any substance, do not prefer permanent makeup. Clients who can not take a break from the blood-thinning medications or those who have blood clotting can not get cosmetic tattoos. Since hormonal changes can affect the healing process, pregnant women are not allowed to get this.

Permanent makeup is a good option for those who do not give time to make up daily. Permanent makeup saves their time and helps them with a beautiful look permanently. If you are impressed with this makeup technique, let us know your views in the comment section. Also, let us know your experience if you get it done. Just remember to consider a professional studio with enough experience and skilled technicians.

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