British Airways Introduce Unveils New Uniform, First Since 2004

From Spring 2023, the airline’s staff will be wearing the new uniform designed by British Ghanaian Savile Row fashion designer and tailor Ozwald Boateng, OBE.

The new looks will include a modern jumpsuit for women, which the airline says is a first, and will also have a tunic and hijab option.

The Collection

For males, the collection offers a tailored three-piece suit with regular. And thin-fit style trousers, while ladies can choose from dresses, skirts, and pants.

We need a new uniform because the one we have now was released in 2004. In addition to working closely with our workers to create a uniform. They’re proud to wear, and introducing a new uniform helps us to further demonstrate. Our position as a modern, contemporary brand embodying the best of British design, a British Airways representative told AeroTime.

Over 1,500 BA employees participated in 50 workshops to ensure the compatibility of the clothing. Including design workshops, prototype feedback sessions, and garment testing that shaped the new collection.

Over the past six months, the airline has conducted a “secret trial” of the new uniform to ensure. That each item is functional. Engineers have been covertly donning the new uniforms while performing airplane maintenance out of sight. In Manchester and Cotswold Airports while the cabin and flight crew clothes have been put to the test on cargo flights around Europe.

The Clothing

The first clothing overhaul at the global carrier in two decades. Female cabin crew will be able to opt to wear a tunic and hijab, as well as. A jumpsuit in what the company described as “an airline first”.

There’s a tailored three-piece suit for men, as well as dress, skirt, and trouser options for women. Who does not want to wear a jumpsuit. British Airways decided not to allow male pilots and crew to wear skirts. In contrast with rival airline Virgin Atlantic’s gender-neutral uniform policy.

Employees who participated in the trial provided input on how well the clothing worked, and changes were made before the launch.

Laborious Design

“Much more than just clothing was involved in the extensive and laborious design of this uniform. It was about inducing an internal energy shift. One of my key goals was to produce something that spoke to and was intended for the airline’s staff. Designer Ozwald Boateng, OBE said in a statement that the goal. To create “something that inspired and empowered them, pushed them to undertake. Their responsibilities with pride, and most significantly, to ensure that they were seen and heard.”

Beginning in the spring of 2023, the airline’s engineers and ground personnel. Will be the first to wear the new uniform.

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