Car Transportation by Train or Road – Which One is the Best

Just when you are sipping up a hot cup of coffee, thinking that all the preparations related to long distance household shifting have been done…what about your car?

Have you made any plans for the interstate car relocation? Before you start to push a panic button, there are many options to move your car to the new location. You can either transport your vehicle through road or rail, whichever is feasible to rule out the possibility of any damage.

It cannot be denied that getting your car shifted from one state to another state is not everybody’s cup of tea, given how arduous the driving conditions in some of the regions of India. If you have any thoughts of moving the car by driving it by yourself, then definitely it is not a good idea.

So, to make the picture clear, let’s understand through the below mentioned points, the best way to move your car easily and preserve its value.

Car Shifting by Train or Road – Which is More Feasible?

The simple answer to this question depends on your convenience and budget. You can also go for the combination of both the train and road, if it suits your needs. If you are opting to drive the car by yourself to an interstate location, it may consume more hours to reach the desired destination and at the same time it also results in shelling out extra money on gas, petrol/diesel and other things. If you choose car transportation by train option, then it assures safe and timely car delivery and rarely has any issues.

Price – One of the Most Important Factors

The price of shifting your car to the new location depends upon several prominent factors. One of the best ways to get the right quotes from the service providers is to compare the prices and hire the best one matching your requirements. It is important that you must pay attention to the transit time, kind of the packing materials used and any kind of additional cost to avoid any inconvenience. 

When providing the car shifting charges, most of the companies consider the following factors:

  • Make or model of the car
  • Weight of the car
  • Distance where the vehicle is required to be transported
  • The time of the year

If you are opting to shift your car through the train, then you will be required to get the charges separately.

Hiring Car Transport Companies – Be Cautious With Whom You Deal With

When you are planning to hire a car moving company for interstate transportation, it is important that you must keep your eyes wide open. DO NOT sign any agreement without reading it. Furthermore, do not finalize anything over the phone. Any kind of commitment given by the service provider must be written, especially if it is related to the charges, otherwise you can end up paying more price than mentioned in an original contract.

BONUS TIP: Make it a habit of going through the online reviews of different car transport companies before hiring them.

Safety – Damage Free Car Transportation is Extremely Important

When you start searching for a car shifting company, then it is imperative that you must look for the one that uses the quality packing materials. Furthermore, they must have both the open and enclosed containers. It must go without saying that the company you are planning to hire must be experienced and also offers you an optional insurance cover. If you decide to shift your car in an open container, then there are chances of damage due the dust, rain, sunlight, etc, but it is also one of the cheapest options of car transport.

BONUS TIP: If you already have an insurance plan, then make sure that the car transport company does not have any issues with the same. And if you are required to take an extra insurance cover, then properly analyze the pros and cons before taking it.

Preparing Your Car for Shifting – Train or Road?

If you have made all the arrangements with respect to the car shifting, then now it is the time to make a checklist to ensure all the preparations are in place to avoid any inconvenience. If there are any mechanical issues with your car, then it is important to get them sorted before it is too late. This is because any kind of problems with the vehicle may result in unnecessary delays and lead to stress. Hence, it is pivotal that you must rectify any car maintenance issues for the smooth transportation experience.

IMPORTANT POINT TO REMEMBER: Even if you are opting to shift your car by train, then also it must be in a perfect condition and devoid of any maintenance related issues. If there are any issues, then you may experience some hassles in getting the delivery of your car in a timely manner.

Is Car Shifting by Train one of the Best and Convenient Options?

Not necessarily. For a large percentage of people, moving the car by road is a hassle-free option, but it certainly depends upon their budget and requirement. Car shifting by train is considered convenient for the vehicle manufacturers as they have to transport a large shipment of the cars to the various parts of the country in a safe and damage free manner. So, whatever option you choose, it is important that you compare both the pros and cons to ensure you make the best decision and have a stress-free experience.

Happy Shifting!!

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