Everything you need to know about Web3 Developer as a Career in India

Decentralized Web or Web3 is the new version of the Internet, and you are not new to it. Recent graduates and professionals from various industries appear to be very interested in learning how to get a job in Web3 and its sub-sectors, which include Metaverse and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Furthermore, the pandemic and other factors have caused lakhs of people to reconsider spending their time and how much they are paid.

Even though there are no hard rules when it comes to starting or changing careers, what matters most is your knowledge and how you can implement it. Hence, anyone looking for a job as a Web3 developer must obtain the necessaryWeb3 education or real-world experience.

So Web3 developer is a new trend. But what is it? Who are Web3 developers, how can you become one, and what are the benefits? We will answer your questions in this article. With that said, read this article to understand and know more about a career as a Web3 Developer in India. If Web3 has already piqued your interest, hop on to Blockchain Council and enroll yourself for a Web3 course.

Table Of Contents

  • Web3 Developer as a career in India
  • Who is a Web3 developer?
  • Opportunities for Web3 developers in India
  • Who can be a Web3 developer?
  • How to land a job as a Web3 Developer?
  • Pros of working in Web3
  • Conclusion

Web3 Developer as a career in India

Initially started as a hobby for many of us, Crypto and Web3 have become a plausible line of work. And it is safe to say that Web3 is a revolution as it continues to change the lives of lakhs of people.

According to many reports, Indian users interested in working in Web3 are more enthusiastic about metaverse, NFT, and blockchain-based gaming than the global average. 80% of youth is already connected to Web3 in one form or another.

There are countless opportunities concerning Web3 and its counterparts. The most common one other than investors is being a Web3 developer. So what is a Web3 Developer? Continue reading and find out.

Who is a Web3 Developer?

To become a Web3 developer, you must be well-versed in blockchain technology. A web3 developer creates blockchain-based technologies and is typically well-versed in computer science and mathematics. You must be able to develop solutions with smart contracts in mind, which requires knowledge of programming languages such as C++ or JavaScript.

You’ll also need exceptional problem-solving abilities, creativity, and communication skills. To make things easier, you can take online Web3 classes to know more about Web3 developers and how to become one in depth.

Opportunities for Web3 Developers in India

To your surprise, Indian Web3 professionals are young, with nearly 80% being under 30 years old. There is around 40% opening for a career as a web3 developer in India. Bengaluru and Mumbai remain the most popular destinations for crypto jobs, followed by Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune.

According to the reports, IT services and business process management sectors are the biggest blockchain and crypto talent users. However, overseas crypto and blockchain ventures and products will drive hiring across roles such as consulting, design and development, and support services.

Who can be a Web3 developer?

With lakhs of opportunities around the corner, who can be a Web3 Developer? Anyone can be a Web3 developer. You need to take up proper Web3 classes. However, the following have the upper hand as a Web3 Developer.

  1. Experts in Finance: Economists and investment professionals are in high demand to drive the underlying financial structure of Web3: Defi. More skilled people are needed to build the foundation for Web3’s economy.
  1. Business Developers and Salespeople: Partnerships are critical in Web3. Marketing companies and business developers must connect projects to build ecosystems interacting with Web3.
  1. Product Managers and Engineers: People are leaving engineering positions and tech behemoths like Facebook (Meta) and Microsoft to join Web3 startups, where they can truly influence the product and design systems never seen before.

How to land a job as a Web3 Developer?

Follow the steps, and don’t be surprised if you land your job as a Web3 developer in a short amount of time.

  1. Learning the Fundamentals: Understanding how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency work will put you lightyears ahead of the competition. Learn the basics of Web3 first by taking a Web3 Course and proceed. It would be best if you were well-versed in programming languages like JavaScript and C++.
  1. Joining Communities: Web3 is all about connections! So don’t forget to join communities on Discord or Reddit as they help you get your foot in the door and start making a name for yourself.
  1. Fill out the following application: Search traditional job boards and platforms such as Workable and LinkedIn, as well as Web3-specific job boards such as cryptocurrencyjobs.io and web3.career.

You can get your Web3 education from experts themselves on the Blockchain Council. Follow the steps mentioned above and become a Web3 expert.

Pros of working in Web3

Web3 is a massive opportunity for current employees in almost every sector to accumulate wealth. And in a country like India, there are countless benefits of working in Web3. Here are a few:

  1. Working remotely and flexible work schedules are common.
  2. Greater diversity and inclusiveness.
  3. Women’s work is recognized, making them financially independent. 
  4. Thousands of global conferences and events.
  5. Better compensation levels. Some are even closer to the actual income.
  6. Tight-knit communities and DAOs who democratize decision-making.


Technology has given lakhs of people a chance to choose how to earn a living and has opened a new world of options. As Web3 attracts the brightest minds, it will undoubtedly have an astonishing effect, allowing them to build an internet like we never imagined possible and making Web3 the world’s main operating system.

With millions of opportunities in front of you, the sky’s the limit. You need to have a proper Web3 education. Blockchain Council is one of the best online platforms that assist you in becoming a Web3 expert in just a few days. Enroll for Web3 classes today as working from home and earning wages in cryptocurrency becomes the new status quo.

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