Flower Explosion –Never gift these flowers to your loved ones.

Flowers have always had a special place and are mentioned in a lot of events or occasions. They are one of the most pleasing creations of nature. People prefer to include flowers in many situations and occasions as they become a particular part of it. Many times occasions are not considered complete without flowers. But other than the positive and elegant side of flowers, there also exists another side. Different flowers have different meanings, as they always symbolize something. People have considered many flowers to depict different abstract things. They can be seen as hidden meanings, which have effects of their own. We use flowers for gifting and decoration purposes. Many of us might choose them on the bases of their underlying meanings. So let us learn about some flowers that you should not use for gifting purposes.


Aconites are perennial plants that are shaped like a helmet. They can be found in the temperate zones of Canada and the United States, having more than 100 species. Also, they are found in some parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. You can see this flower in colors like blue or purple, pink, white, yellow, or peach. They belong to the buttercup family. Due to their beauty, they can be grown as ornamental flowers. But you need to be careful because these flowers can be deadly as they contain toxins. Even the name of this flower has been derived from the toxin it has, that is aconitine which is a nerve and heart poison. And surprisingly, they are also used as herbs for treatment. One can use it as an herb only after the complete process of steaming or boiling, which removes the toxins. You should not use these flowers to gift someone because they mean to “be cautious” due to the toxins, and it depicts hatred.


Also known as crowfoot, the buttercups belong to the Ranunculus genus. They are wild-growing flowers with shining yellow petals. They also contain amounts of poison, but it gets deactivated when the flowers get dry. There are around 2000 species of buttercup flower, and they can be found in temperate and cold regions. The buttercups can grow to a height of 14 to 16 inches. They are generally made up of 5 petals, and some species can be found in red, white, and orange colors. Their blooming season is from April to May, but some species also bloom during summers. It is very attractive to insects due to its pool of nectar, which is to do the pollination. Even after the poisonous nature of these flowers, they can be used to treat rheumatism. These small yellow flowers are not suitable to gift to a loved one because they represent childishness. Use Flower Explosion coupons to buy flower bouquets.

Yellow Carnations

The carnations belong to the Dianthus species of flowers. They have a spicy fragrance and petals that look like fringes. Carnations are also known for Mother’s day as they are believed to be developed from the tears of Mother Mary. They are used to treat fever in Europe and are also known as “flowers of the Gods.” Carnations can be found in about 300 species. They are single flowers with a bunch of delicate petals. The blooming season of these flowers is around May, that is, late springs. They are best grown in red loamy soil, which is well-drained, along with full exposure to sunlight for about 6 to 8 hours. The carnations come in a wide variety of colors which include white, pink, purple, yellow, and shades of red. They are considered one of the best gifting flowers. But the yellow carnations should never be used as to gift to a loved one because they symbolize disdain and rejection. Flower Explosion promo codes will help you to make your gifts affordable.

Butterfly Weed

The butterfly weed is a perennial plant that has multiple stems. The leaves of this plant are basic and alternate with a straight hairy stem. It got its name due to the butterflies that get attracted to flowers due to the nectar and bright color. It belongs to the milkweed species of southwestern North America. They bloom between May to September. And it also contains some amount of poison in its roots and can cause harm if eaten in large quantities. Despite being milkweed, this flower has little or no milk sap at all. The flowers of this plant grow in a bunch or cluster of several small flowers of orange and yellow colors. They grow in open and dry regions of the grasslands of the Great Plains and the Midwest. But these beautiful flowers must not be used as gifts. They might cause disruptions in your relationships as they mean to “leave me.” Choose from a wide variety of flowers using the Flower Explosion deals.


Petunias belong to the nightshade family of flowers, which is a native of South America. It has about 35 species of ornamental flowering plants. This plant has trumpet-shaped flowers, which are best suited for summers. They require full sunlight and can be planted in containers, hanging baskets, or as seasonal flowers to cover the ground area. They are annual flowers but are grown as tender perennials in some regions. Their blooming season can extend from spring to frost season. To grow petunia flowers, one must have well-drained, moist and fertile soil. The petunias come in a wide variety of colors, including red, yellow, white, purple, blue, and pink. Not just in plain colors, you can find them with a lot of color mixtures. They might seem to be attractive flowers but are not very suitable for gifting. This is because they symbolize anger and resentment, which is not a good meaning to spread to others. Flower Explosion discount codes will let you enjoy some exciting offers.

Choose wisely among the flower you prefer for gifting purposes. Never gift any of the above-given flowers to your loved ones, and learn more about what different flowers symbolize. Coupon Rovers and Flower Explosion present their customers with the best quality products to make their events even more special. Use Flower Explosion coupons and promo codes to get what you require at reasonable prices. Sign up on their website to get updates on upcoming deals and offers.

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