How to build habit of Reading in digital era

Reading of books and newspapers is beneficial in improving your memory, knowledge, and vocabulary. Reading wants concentration. Lots of people ask me that How to build habit of Reading in digital era. In today’s digital world, it has difficult for people to find time to read informative books. Everyone is busy in his daily jobs routine to earn more and more money. Some people read but cannot concentrate what they are actually reading. Reading without any concentration is wasting of time.

In past, I was one of them who want to read informative books but I can’t due to busy routine of life. I tried many times and finally I succeeded in building habit of reading. Today, I will share some of tricks which I used in past for developing habit of reading in this article. I hope you will enjoy and take lot of information from it.

Identify Your Interest

First of all, you must identify your interest. Find which book makes you happy. If you have interest in story books you have to buy story book from bookseller. Or if you want to read a history book you must buy it. Some people like to read books for health tips, cooking tips, and home decoration tips at night. I really like to read history books. I want to know about world’s history. So, I read many books which describe detail history of world.

Best Time To Read

After identify your interest and finding your favorite book. Next step is to find best time when you read this book. Some people read book at morning after daily exercise when they tire, read book for enjoyment or feeling relax. Some people like to read newspaper at morning to know about the recent activities in their country or world. Many people like to read book at night before sleep. It is also good time to read books because at that time everyone done their daily busy routine and they feel free and relax. I prefer to read book at night.

Set A Daily Page Goal

After selection of best time to read, now start to read a book. Start reading by set your daily goal. Obviously, it is difficult to read a single book in a day. Set a small number of pages daily to read. Increase the number of page day by day. By doing this on a regular basis will teach you how to approach your destination by setting a goal. I prefer to read only 10 to 15 pages in first week. After a week, increase pages for reading. Keep in mind never set huge number of pages at start or even after 2 or 3 weeks. Read only pages which you can understand or you enjoy. Never take it as burden on you. It disturbs your daily life routine.

Remove Things Which Distract You

As I mentioned above, reading want concentration. Before start to read a book, remove all equipment which can distract you while reading. When you start reading, your mind focusing what happened on page. Forget about what happened in a room or home. One of the main equipment which can distract you is your mobile phone. Turn off your mobile phone while reading or mute notifications. If someone in room are watching TV or using PC ask him to turn off.

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