How to draw an otter

Learn to draw a large otter with drawing ideas and step by step tutorial. You can now efficiently make a beautiful Otter drawing. The Otter are aquatic mammals, which means they live in the water. There are thirteen types of Otter, two of which live in the ocean. Did you know? Many otters are directed to the raft, and a wound is called the sofa. Otters can be found globally, especially in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. In Bangladesh, fishers lead Otter to hear fish in their nets.


The Otter eat meat like mussels and crabs. How do you break the hard mussels of these animals? Interestingly, Otter is one of the few animals that use tools (others are humans and primates). Otter selects stones that can be used as a hammer to open their meals. They also hang on their tools – they store stones and eat on loose skin under their arms. In recent years, several cartoons of leading Otters have introduced characters.

Children Cartoon

From 1998 to 2001, the cartoon on children’s television PB & J Otter told the story of peanuts, jellies, and baby butter, three young Otter on a loaded barge. The Disney Zootopia (2016) presented the Otterton family. The disappearance of Mr. Otterton was the “missing mammal” fairy, which was examined by the star of the film, Judy Hopps. Would you like to draw a pretty otter? You can now use this simple drawing tutorial step by step. You can also have colored pens or the like on hand to shade your finished picture.

Drawing an Otter

Step 1: First, pull a circle to describe the head of the Otter.

Step 2: Expand a long curved line of the head. Double the line towards yourself towards the head. Connect the line with your head and surround an irregular shape of a peanut.

Step 3: Draw the ears of the Otter. Use a small series of “C” shapes for each ear.

Step 4: Draw your legs and feet. Stretch two curved lines inside the peanut shape under your head for the front leg. In the end, connect the lines using small “U” shapes to the toes. Start for the rear leg with a side shape in the form of a “U.” Then expand a curved line under the body. Connect the lines with small lines of the “U” shape and describe the toes.

Step 5: Draw the otter tail. Expand two long curved lines on the background of the body. Allow them to meet in a soft point surrounding a curved triangular shape.

Step 6: Draw the feet on the other side of the animal. Use a curved line and several lines of the “U” form for each foot.

Step 7: The face of the Otter in detail. The shadow between the two little ones shows the pupil. For the nose, outline a rounded triangular shape. Expand two curved lines below like a “W” to form your mouth.

Step 8: Draw mustache – long curved lines – that stretch out on each side of the mouth. Add the detail of the fur on the body, legs, neck, and the top and the bottom of the head. If necessary, delete the management lines.

Step 9:Color your Otter. The Otter is generally brown.

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