How to get help with fatigue

If your body gets fatigued post-stroke, it is crucial to get professional advice on what to do. Contact a GP to get their advice. They will help you identify any underlying health issues and assist you to get the right support.

1. Figure out what is causing your fatigue

Find out if there are any treatment options for the causes of your fatigue. A stroke nurse or GP can look into your medical history to see if you have medical conditions that may be making you feel tired frequently. If you are under medication, ask the GP to take a look at them and get a review. Some medications you are taking may be the cause of your weariness. If this is the case, you should start taking new medication and see if the condition improves. It is not advisable to stop taking your medication suddenly, so ensure you as your GP for advice should you find that your fatigue is a side effect of medication.

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2. Help people understand your condition

Other people may not understand your fatigue as it may not be obvious to them. It makes it incredibly difficult for you if people around you do not understand. Help your family and those around you understand by showing them this guide. Once they understand, they can help with tasks,

Work and Fatigue

If you are working or even considering going back to work, fatigue can have several effects on you. The following practical tips may help. You should also seek support from a professional.

  • An occupational therapist can assess your workplace and advise you on how to incorporate some equipment that can aid you. They could also recommend that you change work practices. If you do not have an occupational therapist, your employer may hire one or you can get a reference from your GP.
  • Give yourself sufficient time to recover from your stroke before you go back to work. Too much pressure may make the condition worse and difficult to deal with.
  • Talk to your employer about the effects the stroke has had on you. It may assist them in making reasonable adjustments which will enable you to do your job without too much pressure. For instance, they may suggest more frequent breaks.
Fatigue Conditions

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