The most pleasing flowers to gift your father

Not everyone is used to expressing their emotions much to their dads. Hence if You Are The one who has never expressed to your father how much you adore and respect him then gifting him flowers randomly is the best option always. But when you think of gifting flowers to the father figure of your life then hunting the right one for him would be very tricky and confusing. Before doing so you always need to remember that you have to go bold rather than some feminine coloured and styled blooms. All the bright, strong and vibrant colours make a best pair for man and carry out the meaning of life and enjoy them.

You need to set your eyes typically on the gorgeous yet simpler flowers which can be taken care of easily. Hence it can be placed in a long vase for hours to brighten up your dad’s day without requiring very much maintenance and care. As Dad always remains busy so it might happen that those flowers would fade and die eventually. Hence you need to be very selective, even selecting flowers for your dad. Therefore we have compiled down here a list of blooms which you can think of gifting your dad casually.

Red Roses

The only purpose for which you are giving flowers to your dad as a lab. So what can be an even better flower than rose to radiate out the feeling of love which you and your father share. This is a very classic and royal flower which makes the ideal choice for complimenting a breakfast in bed, a portrait, or even adding an admirable touch to their quota level in their respect. This will delete your father from within and plant a feeling of gentle love and care in his heart. You can send roses online to your dad if you live far away from home.


Orchids are the most adored and loved flower worldwide. Generally orchids are available in a wide range from yellow to purple and white. You can choose the flowers according to your dad’s and your preference. These orchids are a sign of intense love and respect and an ideal way to be present how you look up to him. These flowers make an absolutely stunning bouquet and will assist your Dad in feeling complimented as soon as he receives it. Orchids represent eternal love and will always keep reminding you Dad how much affectionate you are for him.


Sunflowers are themselves the most cheerful and vibrant yellow coloured flowers. They were symbolic of loyalty and a generation and will never fail to drive away A wave of happiness on your dad’s face. The first smile he will get after he sees your flowers will be worth it. Sunflowers tend to be the ideal gift because they need very little to live, hence he doesn’t need a green thumb to keep it alive. They can survive in very much low maintenance and still give the most gracious look to your home or your dad’s workplace.


Chrysanthemums are very much elegant looking flowers with symbolises friendship and casual well-being. Everyone of us shares a special bond with our dad who is more of a friend. Therefore chrysanthemums make up to be one of the best flowers to delete your dad. It is also a bold yet beautiful looking flower you can give your father. These will never fail to express the feelings of gratitude and respect you have for him in your life. This flower is usually gifted in the colours of red which makes it very much renowned among all the masculine blooms. If you cannot go out and buy them personally you can order it from online flower delivery in gurgaon.

Final Words!

You should never leave even a single chance of inviting your father’s mood as he has never left a void in your life and has always felt it with love, care and happiness.

You can add little other gifts along with flowers to make up a bundle of love for your dad. For a father nothing is more special than his child thinking and caring for him. These little gestures are what makes life worth living and count the most.

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