Top Pro Tips for Trail Camera Photography

Everyone knows about game cam nowadays. You don’t have to be a hunter or tracker to take advantage of trail or game cameras. Trail camera technology is turning better and better day by day. So, you must have to know about the technology of the game camera and how you can get the best results in photography by using them.

So, if you are planning to photograph with your new game camera or planning to hunt in the woods, you have to consider following easy tips and tricks which will help you a lot to get your best results.


Place Trail Camera High

According to the manual of trail cameras, you have to place your trail camera around 3 to 4 feet high. But you can place it around 5 to 7 feet high, too. You can place or set up your trail camera hidden in tree branches but make sure anything or leaves don’t block the camera lens. You can decide the height of the camera on which animals you want to capture.

Set Or Place the Camera & Forget It

Don’t check your trail camera too much and too often. That can be a problem for animals and for your photography strategy, too. After placing the camera, if you check the camera too much the animals are going to avoid coming to that spot. It is great to check your camera once a week after setting it up.

Don’t Spend More Time in Checking the Camera

When you are going to check the camera at the area where you set up the camera because you are not sitting there that doesn’t mean your body scent won’t smell after you leave the place. Animals can smell scent better than humans. If they smell the more human scent they may avoid that route. So, wear rubber gloves and boots when you are going to place and check the camera and clean the camera after setting it up.

Bring Card Reader with You

Always bring a card reader with you when you are going to check your trail camera in the woods. It is very useful in viewing images captured by your camera, or in any other gadget like a tablet or mobile phone. You can be double sure about the pictures and make adjustments if required. You can check the captured pictures and if it needs some requirement like angle change, so you can change your strategy and get more effective results.

Use High-Quality Batteries

First, you should carry some extra batteries with you when you are going to place and check the camera. You should use high-quality lithium long-lasting batteries. By using high-quality batteries, you don’t have to check them and change them frequently. In the market, there are many new trail cameras that have external battery ports, too.

Use High-Quality Memory Cards

Not all memory cards in the market are the same in quality. All SD cards in the market will fit into your trail camera, but you must choose a high-quality SD card. Because high-quality memory cards won’t fail to save the picture and never disappoint you in the result. You can go online and browse for your budget-friendly and high-quality SD card for great results.

Set Camera Lens North Facing

If you want the best results from your trail camera you should place your camera lens north facing. If you place your camera facing east or west the camera captures washed-out pictures and sometimes blurry low lighted pictures, too. So, North facing is the best trick for getting clear and bright images.

Use T-stand And Mounts When Trees Are Not Around

When you are planning photography in an open area and there is not a single tree around there you have to find another option to set your trail camera. Generally, trail cameras come with threaded sockets at the bottom side. It is used for mounting the camera on tripods.

So, get your own trail or game camera and get your goals for your photography hobby or for hunting reasons.

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