What Are Electric Bikes? Explore The Latest e-Bikes In Canada

Electric bikes sound interesting. Actually, they are. In fact, it is a simple concept that is developed to ease the modern lifestyle. An electric bike or e-bike is a two-wheeler equipped with a battery and still assisted by a pedal. 

Because they contain batteries, they are called electric bikes, and this is the reason for their increasing popularity these days. As far as the designs are concerned, just imagine the regular cycle and add some components to it, such as a motor, batteries, and controller, all seamlessly integrated into a design. These items are easily available in the market. You do not have to wander in search of the best electric bike as there are several online and offline stores spread across the world. If you need the best electric bike Canada, look no further than Voltbike. This post will talk more about the electric bikes in Canada, before it let’s put light on how they work and why should you consider an electric bike. 

How does an electric bike work?

An electric bike is just like a regular cycle. From design to parts, they require the same strength to ride the bicycle. They completely require human power, and the way to ride the bike is similar to a regular cycle. They face obstacles like hills and headwinds but are manageable and allow you to travel further without getting tired. The only difference is they consist of batteries that increase their speed and control by the accelerator. 

When it comes to riding an electric bike, it is simple. It is assisted by batteries that increase the speed, but it can be pedal-assisted if required or if you are out of batteries on the road. They are lightweight, safe, cost-effective, and efficient at the same time. Electric bikes are easy to ride, even if you are a beginner. You can learn to maintain a balance in no time with maximal training. Get onto an electric cycle, just like a regular cycle, and start riding. If you are unable to maintain a balance, then a tricycle is for you. You can start learning cycling from electronic trikes and then switch to electric bikes when you are a master.

Why ride an electric cycle?

It is the most burning question why ride an electric cycle. From the above details, you must get an idea about the features of an electric bike. Now you can guess about the benefits and how it can facilitate you. The following detail will help you to know why you should ride an electric cycle.

Multiple uses

The electric bike is not just about commuting from one place to another. They come with multiple uses such as great exercise equipment, beating traffic, cost-effective mode of transportation, environmentally friendly, and offering exciting rides and an interesting vehicle.

Get a boost 

An electric bike is a great way to improve your experience. With multiple assists, you can tune your ride experience between the pedal and ride with the batteries. They are faster than regular bikes, and you can ride them any time. 

They are simple

Being battery-assisted and loaded with several extra features compared to traditional bikes, still, they are simple. Easy to ride and manage, electric bikes do not require extra maintenance.

Explore the best e-bikes in Canada

Canada is a populated country, and most cities in Canada like Vancouver, are crowded with foreigners, especially students and working people. You would need an electric bike in Canada to commute cost-effectively. If you reside in Canada, you would search for a store that deals in ebike sales Canada

However, there are several online and offline stores in Canada that deal in quality electric bikes. But people like students and employees would search for a place that offers quality and affordability under one roof. We have mentioned a few stores that are one-stop-store for your electric bike needs. 


Voltbike is a leading store in Canada that has a huge collection of electric bikes. You can explore multiple types of bikes and purchase them according to your needs at affordable prices. Road bikes, fat bikes, foldable bikes, mountain bikes and many others. 

These electric bikes are designed to meet day-to-day needs as they feature a basket to carry your bags and grocery. Also, they provide optimal safety and performance on the road. If you want a perfect e-bike for you, look no further than Voltbikes.

BSP Bicycle Sports

BSP Bicycle Sports is another place to shop for your favourite electronic bicycle. Besides offering a range of electric cycles, they deliver 24X7 services to improve customer experience. 

They also have a dedicated warehouse in Canada, major cities like Vancouver, to provide end-to-end customer care services.

Hopefully, you are now sure what electric bicycles are, how they work, and why you should use them. Today, electric bikes are the most preferred mode of transportation as they are cost-effective, eco-friendly and fast.

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