What are the career options after completing an English course in Birmingham?

People generally believe that students undertaking a degree in English will only be able to pursue a profession in teaching. However, contrary to popular assumptions, an academic qualification in English opens up more professional opportunities than any other discipline. English degree graduates are typically considered. To have effective communication and creative English qualities. Which are sought after by the majority of companies in the business. Most industries value the knowledge and skills you receive by pursuing English courses in Birmingham. Continue reading for suggestions on how you may put your degree to work in the form of diversified career options:

Digital copywriter

  • Digital copywriter identifies their core demographic while using convincing and informative content to start engaging them. As a digital copywriter, you will create written material for websites, either as an employee or even as a freelancer. Your task will be to captivate the audience’s attention. Persuade them to take action, such as purchasing products or services. You may also develop content that conveys useful marketing messages, industry, or topics. You might also be referred to as a digital content writer.

Editorial assistant

  • An editorial assistant position is often an entry-level position in the publishing profession. After gaining the requisite qualifications and experience, you may be able to advance to more senior leadership positions including features proofreader or consulting critic. As digital advertising expands, there are more possibilities to collaborate with online outlets, which might include editing and authoring website material as well as using social networking sites.

English as a foreign language teacher

  •  These teachers assist people of all ages in learning or improving their English in the United Kingdom and other nations. You can engage with a range of contexts, notably private language schools, educational establishments, and institutes of higher and community colleges within the UK and beyond. You can also work in the industry as a teacher or as a self-employed person. Even for beginners, courses are frequently conducted in English.


  • Lexicographers are intrigued by terms and also how their interpretations evolve throughout time. Composing, assembling, and revising dictionaries for publishing and electronic publication is part of the job. Since all dictionaries are now available online and include a variety of linked materials; the position is expanding to reflect these developments. You may also be engaged in the creation and procurement of additional information, as well as selling the entire package digitally, notably through social networking sites. In these positions, you will most likely be referred to as a dictionary editor.

Web content specialist

  • Web content specialists verify that a website’s information is well-structured, readily available, and satisfies the demands of its viewers. You may create text and modify the website yourself on occasion, but on larger bases, you will often serve as a supervisor, controller, and project leader, supervising the efforts of other editorial staff. You’ll establish content calendars and assessments that writers may use to retain text and create fresh content at the appropriate intervals.

Private tutor

  • You do not need to be a trained instructor to offer an additional platform that assists students’ progress in their teaching methods and training, employs effective techniques of comprehension and cognitive skills, and successfully prepares for examinations or assessments. A private tuition program usually lasts an hour and needs to take place mostly in the student’s house. You might also offer online instructional support. There are several private tutoring services available, or you may advertise yourself individually to encourage students, build your network, and earn referrals.

You can also work as a magazine journalist, newspaper journalist, publishing copy-editor, proofreader, secondary school teacher, writer, and many others. So, if you are interested in pursuing an English course in Birmingham, then you must start this journey now by signing up for this course!

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