What happens after you’ve completed your HGV driver training in London?

Once you have completed your HGV driver training in London and got your licence, now what?

Of course, one thing is that you can apply for a commercial driving job and live the rest of your life happily, but do you think this is the end, you can add more to it?

Surely this is not an end, but what can you add more, let’s find it out!

After You’ve Qualified

Once you are qualified as a professional with your HGV licence, there are multiple things you need to do while you work as a bus or a heavy goods vehicle driver.

Submit your application for a digital tachograph card

You will have to apply for a digital tachograph card so that you can store your everyday work data there.

Do Your Preparations For International Journeys.

If you are assigned the job to drive as a bus or HGV driver to Europe, you will have to

  • Check your passport if it is valid for travelling and if not then get it renewed as soon as possible.
  • Obtain a UK GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card)

Cross-check the things you will need to

  • Drive a coach or bus internationally
  • Drive a heavy goods vehicle internationally

Receiving Your Driver CPC Card

Once you have qualified for your HGV driver training in London, you will be sent a Driver CPC Card (Driver certificate of professional competence card). It is also known as a DQC or driver qualification card.

The card will only be sent to the address you have mentioned on your driving licence. You will have to get the address changed first if there is some mistake in it or it is wrong.

The signature and the photograph on your licence will only be used on your Driver CPC card.

Driving Without The CPC Card

You should always carry your CPC card while you are on duty and driving a bus, coach or an HGV professionally.

Only when you have qualified for your training and waiting to receive the CPC card, you can drive without it.

If you already had an HGV licence and were re-qualified by taking 35-hour training, make sure that your trainer has recorded your HGV driver training in London within five working days of your completion. If they don’t, you will not be permitted to drive the vehicle without your CPC Card. 

Note*: Once your card has arrived and you are still not driving with it, you can be charged £ 50 and it is a fixed penalty charge for drivers not driving with the CPC card.

What If Your Card Doesn’t Arrive?

You should be receiving your CPC card within 20 days of passing your final test. You will have to contact the DVSA (Driver and vehicle standards agency) if you do not get it.

When Do You Need To Pay £25 Extra?

  • If you take more than three months to inform DVSA that your card hasn’t arrived yet
  • If it has been sent to your old house address because you forgot to update the address on your licence or you neglected it.

Replace Your Card

Anytime you lose your Driver CPC card, or if it gets stolen, you should replace it as soon as possible. As the Driver CPC card doesn’t have your address on it, so if you shift to a new place, you don’t need to get it changed.

Stay Qualified

To stay qualified as an HGV driver, you will have to

  • Take 35 hours of HGV driver training in London so that you can continue your job as an HGV driver professionally.
  • Get your HGV licence renewed within a specific time

Also, if you are turning 65 or have crossed it, you will have to get your licence renewed every year.

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