What jobs can you get if you study international business?

Do you want a fancy globe-trotting career that involves a lot of luxury and travel? Do you envision yourself in hot-shot corporate suits brokering multi-million-dollar business deals?

If that’s the case, you would do well in an international business career. Before you jump into researching appropriate masters in international business programmes, it can be worth your time to assess the benefits of choosing a career in international business management.

Let’s do a deep dive into the kind of advantages an international business degree can give you and the kind of career prospects that can follow it.

What are the prime advantages of studying international business?

The global business domain today is intensely dynamic and involves thousands of intricate business operations.

For you to establish a career in international business, you will require immense business expertise, serious managerial skills and administrative experience. Much of this can be acquired by pursuing a programme in international business management.

Here are other benefits of investing in a suitable degree in international business.

  1. You get to travel to different countries and have an international lifestyle
  2. The degree can equip you with many transferable skills like leadership and critical thinking.
  3. You will become eligible for many business-management jobs across the globe
  4. There’s enough diversity in the kind of jobs available to international business management graduates.
  5. Most international business jobs usually pay decent compensation packages
  6. An international business management career can help you meet people from different backgrounds and geographical locations.
  7. You can get plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network and hone your networking skills.

What are the career prospects of an international business degree?

If you think that you can only become a business manager in an international company after an international business programme, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Most international business programmes have comprehensive curriculums covering different business and operational aspects. This makes you eligible for applying for high-paying jobs in different business domains.

Here are some of the most common industries that hire international business graduates.

  1. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  2. Logistics and supply chain management
  3. Sales and marketing
  4. Human resource management
  5. Operational management
  6. Fashion and retail merchandising
  7. Conventional and renewable energy management
  8. Finance and economic management

What kind of career roles can you expect to get after an international business management programme?

Immense job diversity after degree completion is one of the primary advantages of being an international business graduate. Here are some intriguing career roles in international business that can catch your fancy.

  1. International marketing manager
  2. International logistical manager
  3. International product manager
  4. Global economic consultant
  5. International finance analyst
  6. Business development manager
  7. International research analyst
  8. The global supply chain manager

Other interesting job descriptions include that of an international human resource manager and an international brand manager.

Look for appropriate international business courses from reputed business schools today.

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